Third cousin to legendary NASCAR owner Richard Childress, Mike Childress has made quite a name for himself in the world of off-road racing.  Originally from Wrightwood, California, Childress grew up skiing and snowboarding before climbing atop a motorcycle to ride in the mountains.  His enthusiasm for motorcycles eventually led him to the desert where he began competing, even winning the coveted Mint 400 in 2006 in the motorcycle division.  Childress eventually made the move to trucks where his accomplishments include the title of Pikes Peak World Record Holder in ProTruck (2005); Baja 1000 win in 2005; 2006 BITD champion in the Open Pro division; and a return to the SNORE Mint 400 podium with a win in Class 1 in 2011.  Look for Childress to build on his already impressive resume as he heads into the 2012 season.

Did You Know?

Relationship status: Off the market

Twitter handle: @Mikey_Childress

Favorite person(s) to follow on Twitter: @LegitWillFerrel

Dailey driver (what GT or Conti tires do you have on it?): Gas Guzzling 2011 4-door Ford Raptor with Grabbers

Best thing I ever ate : Some tacos in Mexico off a nasty looking dirty grill, amazing!

Favorite place: Baja doing a 100mph.  Really is there anywhere better??

Hidden Talents: I can burp the ABC'S.  Jack of all trades master of none!

What’s playing on my iPod: A little of everything even Brittney Spears.

I have to set my DVR for: I record WRC, SHORT COURSE, BITD Series, and Desperate Housewifes.

Three must see movies: Talledega Nights, Days of Thunder, Next Friday.

Person I admire most and why: My parents for helping me live a dream.  And if I was an animal, the three legged Coyote that lives by my house.  He’s a trooper!

Most memorable race/event and why: Winning the Baja 1000 overall on a motorcycle felt really good.

Best advice I ever got: If you try harder and work harder it will pay off!

Other athletes I give big props to: Lance Armstrong, Andy Mcmillin, Steve Hengeveld Athletes that I think are Clowns...Barry Bonds! Do you really have to Juice it up to hit a little ball??

How I got my start racing/competing: I was raised around the Checkers off-road team it was just a matter of time before I was doing burnouts!