Steve Alexander




A supervisor during the week, Steve Alexander takes to the desert for his weekend duties.  In his bright-yellow KC-HiLites Class 5 buggy, Alexander is a staple in the BITD Series.  Alexander always brings his A-game and is a Class champion in both the SNORE and BITD Series’ (most recently being crowned 2012 Class 5 champion in BITD competition).  No stranger to the podium, Alexander added General Tire Mint 400 class winner to his accolades in 2011 and looks to add to the win column as he rolls on General’s in 2013.

Did You Know?

Relationship status – Married

Daily driver
– Ford Raptor with 35” Grabbers

Best thing I ever ate
– Sauerbraten

Favorite place
– Anywhere as long as I am with my wife.

Hidden talents
– IF I told you it wouldn't be hidden.

What’s playing on my iPod
– Rock to Pop – depending on my mood.

I have to set my DVR for
– “Survivor” and “Family Guy”

Three must see movies
 Dust to Glory, Avatar, City of Angels

Person I admire most and why
– My wife because no matter what I've been faced with, she stands by my side and supports me.