Taylor 2013 Miss Mint 400




Did You Know?

Relationship status: Single.

Twitter handle:  @taylor_jeanx

Favorite person(s) to follow on Twitter: Mens Humor, keeps me laughing all day

Dailey driver (what GT or Conti tires do you have on it?): Unfortunately, my miss mint car doesn’t have the right tires!

Best thing I ever ate : Fried oreos at the state fair and anything else fried or dipped in ranch

Favorite place: New York, there is so much to do and see. You can never be bored in New York and if you are, you’re doing it wrong

Hidden Talents: Baking, I grew up baking and decorating cakes at my mom’s bakery. I have an entire portfolio of cakes that I have made in the past. It’s something I still love to do when I have free time and someone to spoil with cake!

What’s playing on my iPod: Miley Cyrus and Kayne West, I know that is the most random combination but that’s what I have been switching back and forth to lately. I love all types of music.

I have to set my DVR for:  Speed TV, duh!

Must see movies:  The Mint 400 on DVD, How to Train Your Dragon, Fight Club

Person I admire most and why:  My mom, she does it all. She has somehow managed to own a couple business, raise her children and still have dinner on the table every night. It amazes me what she can do and still look good doing it.

Most memorable race/event and why:  The Mint 400, that was an experience I will never forget. It was such a shock to get to be Miss Mint and definitely something I will tell my future grand kids about.

Best advice I ever got: Never let success go to your head and never let failure go to your heart. Love that quote!

Other athletes I give big props to:  Bryce Menzies, Davi Millsaps, Nicky Hayden, and so many more. 

How I got my start racing/competing: It started with Monster Energy when I worked my first Super X and then I started working with Rockstar Energy. In the past couple years I haven’t missed any racing events in the Texas area. Most recently I was working with Ducati for Moto Gp and have started to realize my entire life pretty much revolves around racing! I love that a lot of my “work” revolves around going to these great events.